Ruben Papian Portfolio

    Overcome all obstacles on the road to success, boost your intellectual performance and unlock your brainpower.


    Personality performance upgrade


    Over 20 000 people healed on record - from minor injuries to critical conditions of both physical and mental nature.

Heal and mend physical, mental and spiritual wounds.

Lead your business to success, achieve personal goals and dreams.

Educate yourself on how everyday life should work.

Impossible things made possible.


Fields of expertise:

- energy healing

- life coaching

- bio-energy

- personal growth

- mental correction and communication

- guiding development of talented and gifted children

- public speaking

- teaching

- esoteric sciences

- consulting for small and large businesses

- project managing

- business infrastructure development

- financial advising

- human resources

- project organization


The road that led Ruben Papian to success. He is known by many names: intuitive healer, connoisseur of the future, erudite, philosopher, humanist, fantastic spokesman and the star of esotery!



Multicultural group of experts from different fields working under a single roof called Institute for Natural Energy Modifications, also known as bio-healing energies. The Institute contributes to different phases of development. Together we are capable of modifying natural space energy through our advanced technology and implementing it into the life of modern society.Our goal is to develop a range of products based on the unique knowledge and discoveries made by Ruben Papian over the last thirty years.
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Energy healing

A special course created for people tolearn how to preform energy treatments. In this energy-healing course, important steps are being made every day – here you will supplement your outer life with your inner life. You are the key to the activation of processes in another human being. You will learn how to work with energies, to understand people, to help and to heal. The human being is an incredible world, which produces energy, biological energy. In reality, nothing exists besides energy. All matter is the consequence of that energy.
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Personal blog of Ruben Papian updated constantly with videos and photos from his daily life as well as quotes taken straight from his published works and lectures.
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SFERA is a spirituality and self-improvement program of exercises 20 years in the making. Every detail and every step of the way in its development has been perfected so that it remains dynamic and flexible enough to be suitable today, tomorrow and in another 20 years regardless of your age, life experiences, religion, knowledge.
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Youtube Channel

Ruben’s personal YouTube channel where he shares his views, ideas, teachings, inventions as well as videos he stars in, such as interviews and TV shows.
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The Books of Essence is a transformational series of books written by Ruben Papian. The series will contain nine books in total that will cover huge range of topics from emotions and feelings to wishes and human mind. The first book, titled How to Wish, has been published in 2013 in both paperback and digital form. Second book is soon to be published.
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